Have you ever been told by a debt collector, that paying old debts will improve your credit?
Have you ever wanted debt collectors to stop calling all times of the day and night?
Do you think that the way you improve to your credit is to pay an old charged off credit card balance?
Have you ever wonder if you should file for bankruptcy to eliminate you bad credit and debt problems?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to learn the laws that where created by the government to help consumers defeat debt collectors and improve your credit.

Jump Start Your Credit:  How to Negotiate and Settle your Debts in 10 Steps takes an unconventional approach to solving many problems consumers faced when dealing with debt collectors to improve their financial situation.

Many personal finance books do a good job with convincing consumers that if they pay their defaulted debts that their financial situation will improve, and they will have a boosted credit score.  That is all untrue paying old charged off debts will not improve your credit or boost your credit score.

Before you pay another past due bill or charged off credit card, it’s important you learn how to negotiate and even settle past due debts without paying the total amount requested from the creditor.  Learn the rules mandated by the government to protect consumers from unscrupulous creditors who break the law and harassed uninformed consumers.   Find out the language consumers should use when writing letters or talking to creditors on the phone.

Dealing with creditors can be intimidating and outright scary, learn the rules that the US government has provided to defeat creditors with their own dirty tactics.  Eliminated you debt burdens and rebuilding your credit can be a reality, what are you waiting on to get started?  Download a free chapter here

HOW CAN Jump Start Your Credit:  How to Negotiate and Settle Your Debts in 10 Steps”  HELP YOU?

Learning your rights can protect you from:

  • Harassing debt  creditors that call you at all times of the night, your job and your neighbors
  • Debts that are older than 7 years old that continue to haunt you
  •  Help to create a piece of mind knowing you have mastered the laws that rebuild your credit
  • A piece of mind when knowing you have mastered the laws that can help you rebuild your credit
  • Deciding if bankruptcy is necessary to eliminate debt

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