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Here's How you Get Rid of a Debt Collector!

Do you know what it Takes to

Get Rid of a Debt Collector?

Listening to Strategies of this Audio, you will learn how to leverage the Federal & State Laws to get Rid of Debt Collectors and Rebuild your Credit!

What these Audios will teach you?


What is the best way to Settle on your Debts if you want to Increase your Credit Score!


How to get items deleted off your Credit Report without paying Old Chargeoff Balances.

Strategies you will learn:


How to Negotiate your Charged off Debts owed to Debt Collectors and pay a Fraction of what is owed.

What to do if a Debt Collector tries to sue you, and how you can fight back and not be sued.


Why paying off old Charged off balances will not Raise your Credit Score.

How to use the Debt Validation Strategy to stop debt collectors from harassing you and Rebuild your Credit Score.


Millions of Americans suffer everyday from Financial hardship caused by Debt Collectors.  Learn how to fight back and learn the laws that have been created by the Federal & State government to help you thrive financially.  Discover how your life could change if you no longer suffered from harassing Debt Collectors Again!

Some words from the Author

"I was just like you at one time, I was too scared to pick up my phone or open the mail.  I just did not know what to do, and the harassment from Debt Collectors kept me depressed and scared.  The last draw was when a debt collector levied my bank account and removed over $2k from my bank account; I knew I had to do something.  Once I began to studied the laws that were created by the Federal government, I leveraged those laws to help me gain peace of mine financially; along with the fact my score increased and the harassment stopped."

Lorillia B. Phillips

Author - Financial Educator


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About the Author - Lorillia B. Phillips - is a Financial Literacy educator and speaker; she has been in the financial services industry for over 10 years. Lorillia has mastered and learned how to use the governmental laws to fight back debt collectors.


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