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Lorillia B. Phillips author, speaker and financial literacy educator, has been in the financial services for  over 10 years.  She started her career as accountant, then later started a accounting practice specializing in taxes, until she broaden her experience as a licensed financial advisor.  Being a licensed advisor for over 5 years one thing that Lorillia notice that many of her clients were not interested in  accumulated large amounts of investments.  Her clients were more concern with one on one personal finance instruction. Many of her clients lacked in the area credit and debt management which prevented them from building wealth.  For Lorillia, it’s hard to discuss with a client how to invest in stocks or open an IRA, if they have over $10,000 and $15,000 in charged off credit cards and mounts of debts.

Lorillia understands what’s it like to deal with harassing  debt collectors and bad credit.  Lorillia  experience this ordeal after college and  during her working years as a professional.  Lorillia was self taught on how to deal with creditors and rebuild your credit, the reason she was self taught is because she was given some bad advice which resulted in no change to her personal finance situation.  This discovery allowed Lorillia to master the governmental  laws that protect consumers from unscrupulous debt collection companies.

Lorillia currently provides Personal Finance Consulting on a one on onebasis she  also speaks to corporations, not-for-profits and governmental  agencies.  Hire Lorillia to speak to your organization.  Use the form below to set up a time and date.