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We were put here on this earth to help other people, but many times we don’t because we allow our minds to say “I am not you and you are not me,” but Lorillia Brown says “I am you and I will give you sovereign information to help you free your mind.”  That is exactly what she did for me “free of charge.”  May all the good dharma and good karma come back to her ten fold. Thanks again! 
Page Wilkerson- Florida

I truly respect and appreciate Lorillia’s advice, which is sound and down to earth.  In a very pleasant demeanor that can be understood by anyone, Lorillia Brown-Phillips provides the honest and meaningful financial advice that is so critical for millions of Americans today.  Dr. Boyce WatkinsFinance Professor Syracuse University and Creator of YourBlackWorld.com

Pastor Angelo McCuthchen Healing Tabernacle Love Ministries Church (See Testimonial)